the results of a study

They are discussing the results of a recent study that tries to show how prolonged sessions in competitive video games such as FIFA 21 and Call of Duty Warzone help lose weight.

Leading the study was a platform called Stakester, which allows users to earn and win prizes by playing. According to the results of the tests carried out, male gamers burn 420 calories (the equivalent of 1,000 sit-ups) with a game session lasting about two hours. At the same time, female gamers burn a few more calories, or 472. The tests were done on 50 volunteers who played FIFA and Call of Duty Warzone and, in separate sessions, also did sit-ups to compare the loss. of calories between physical activity and videogame.

Here are the statements from Stakester CEO and founder Tom Fairey to the microphones of Men’s Health:

“As we all know, the competition increases the heart rate and many of us know that some situations like a goal at the last minute in a FIFA game or a difficult moment in COD Warzone make you sweat. I expected there was a disposal of calories, but I was amazed to find how many were burned. “

It is not the first time that research has tried to prove the health benefits of video games and already in 2020 the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia proved through surveys that gamers have 21% additional probability compared to the rest of the population to be in a healthy weight.