the results of Digital Foundry’s bizarre test

For a few weeks now, a PS5 firmware update has been published for a small group of users that allows you to install SSD M.2 in the console with the aim of expanding the storage memory of games and multimedia files. In this regard, Digital Foundry has tried to carry out a very special experiment.

The Digital Foundry team of experts has in fact decided to disassemble an Xbox Series X, extract the SSD and then mount it on a PlayStation 5 with the latest firmware in Beta. The result of this test is certainly unexpected: the latest generation Sony console recognizes the external memory mounted in the M.2 slot and asks you to format it to start using it. The problem arises in the next process, as at some point in initialization something goes wrong and the SSD dies permanently, preventing owners from using it again on the Microsoft console. The experiment was repeated twice and the outcome is always the same.

It therefore seems that there is no way to install the Xbox Series X | S SSD on a PlayStation 5 and the only way to expand the console’s memory is to proceed with the purchase of a compatible memory. By the way, have you already read our article dedicated to Sony’s recommended M.2 SSDs for PlayStation 5?