the ‘Russian BioShock’ will have a sequel

Chatting with their community on Discord, the representatives of the Mundfish team candidly admitted that they have already planned the development of the sequel to Atomic Heart, the sci-fi roleplaying shooter considered by many to be the “Russian BioShock”.

After announcing the presence of more endings in Atomic Heart, the exponents of the Moscow software house turned to the many fans who follow the development of the project on their Discord channel to explain that “Atomic Heart 2 is officially confirmed! I know it may seem like one I’m kidding, but we started Mundfish with the idea of ​​doing it for life. We’re not just bringing together a team of developers under one roof, but we’re committed to putting together a team that will work together for years to come. “

In pointing out the concept, Mundfish spokespersons state that “Atomic Heart is not just our touchstone, we have invested a monstrous amount of time to shape this setting down to the smallest detail, involving writers, screenwriters and directors in the development. literally tried to create a world of its own that could contain dozens of stories to tell, so we believe in the success of Atomic Heart and we will continue to work to expand this universe. “

According to Mundfish, those who explore the retro-futuristic Soviet Union of Atomic Heart will be able to discover several secrets related, in fact, to the sequel and to the direction that the plot of the role-playing FPS will take in the second chapter. At this point we just have to wait for the release of Atomic Heart on PC, PS4, Xbox One and in backward compatibility on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S: the Russian BioShock will also arrive on Xbox Game Pass since launch.