the secrets of Arkane’s Sci-Fi adventure in the NoClip documentary

While the players will be busy exploring the twisted world of Deathloop, the well-known NoClip YouTube channel has dedicated a new long documentary to Prey, a reboot of the Sci-Fi series that the talented software house of Arkane Studios released in 2018.

The video that we brought to you at the top of the news, lasting about an hour, explores in depth the development process that led to the creation of one of the immersive sims that have been able to positively affect the most in recent years.

We start from the reason that prompted Arkane to name the Prey project, making it a reboot of the franchise created by Human Head Studio in 2006. We then move on to the actual contents of the game, starting from the intricate structure of the Talos I research station, passing through the choices that the player can make during the space adventure, the alien mimics ready to set a trap at every corner, the problems in the realization of the GLOO cannon, and finally the Mooncrush expansion. In short, it is a complete overview of the Sci-Fi adventure, thanks to which you can discover even more details on the work of Arkane and Bethesda.

NoClip had already dedicated his previous documentary to Arkane, focusing on that occasion on the studio’s canceled projects, including Half-Life Ravenholm and The Crossing.