the ‘sensitive side’ of gameplay in the new video

After discussing it in a recent interview, Techland representatives confirm support for Dying Light motion control on Switch with a video that provides all the information on the innovations made to the gameplay of the Nintendian version of the open world horror.

Those who explore the alleys of Harran on Switch will have access to a whole series of improvements and additional features in the management of the parkour-based movement system, in the use of menus and in combat dynamics.

Going in search of zombies on Nintendo platforms, the emulators of the hero of Dying Light will be able to take advantage of the HD Rumble to make the gaming experience even more immersive. The video proposed by Techland also reiterates the possibility of navigating through the menus through the touchscreen gestures and access to features such as aiming through gyroscopes, the use of motion controls integrated in the Joy-Con and full compatibility with activities. to be carried out in a cooperative, both online and locally.

On the content front, however, we already know that the Platinum Edition in Nintendian sauce of Dying Light includes the basic horror work and the entire package of expansions and post-launch updates, such as the huge DLC The Following and the numerous themed updates. exceptional support guaranteed on PC and the remaining console versions. Before leaving you to the new video, we remind you that Dying Light Platinum Edition will be available on Nintendo Switch from 19 October.