the spiritual heir of Split Second whizzes on Apple Arcade

Strengthened by the experience gained on projects such as Forza Street, the British developers of Electric Square try to bring back the arcade gameplay of Split Second Velocity with the Detonation Racing project for Apple Arcade.

Taking a cue from the excellent but unfortunate work carried out with Split Second by the now closed Black Rock studios, the guys from Electric Square promise to press on the accelerator of environmental destructibility to give fans a way to compete in a series of multiplayer events inside. of ever-changing tracks.

The scenes immortalized in the announcement film and in the related images are the perfect representation of the efforts made by the English authors to refer to the Black Rock arcade racing both in terms of driving experience and the artistic sector, all in the frame of a graphic engine in step with the times and capable, as far as possible, of evoking on the screen the “explosive” emotions offered by Split Second and similar titles also thanks to full support for controllers, which is added to the inevitable touch controls.

Detonation Racing is expected to launch later in 2021 on Apple Arcade, the subscription-based videogame service accessible for iOS, Mac and tvOS systems that will soon receive Part 2 of Fantasian, the great little JRPG gem of Final Fantasy’s father Hironobu Sakaguchi. So take a look at the images and the video of Detonation Racing and let us know with a comment what you think of this title that will soon fill the Apple Arcade toy library.