the stolen data is authentic

This morning, Twitch leaders had a bad awakening: someone uploaded a gigantic file full of data stolen from the streaming platform’s servers to 4Chan, presumably obtained following a hacker attack that took place earlier this week.

Intrigued by what happened, our colleagues at VGC downloaded the documents and discovered within them a veritable mine of sensitive information that should never have been made public. We are talking about the compensation of streamers from 2019 to today, the source code of Twitch and its client, the history of comments, the proprietary SDKs, details on various tools owned by Twitch, information on security keys and details on the mysterious Grabbed Vapor , presumably a digital marketplace along the lines of Twitch.

While this information has been circulating since this morning, Twitch only released an official statement this afternoon. The release reads: “We can confirm that a breach has occurred. Our teams are working hard to understand the extent of what happened. We will update the community as soon as possible, as soon as we have new information available. Thank you for supporting us.”

The violet company, therefore, confirmed that it had suffered a hacker attack, indirectly suggesting that the information shared is authentic.