The Story of Xbox, announced the documentary on the history of the console

The celebrations for Xbox’s twentieth anniversary kick off with an announcement that is as unexpected as it is welcome. Microsoft’s top management has in fact unveiled the documentary Power On: The Story of Xbox which traces the history of the brand in six episodes.

The docu-series dedicated to the world of the verdecrociata console will retrace the history of Xbox from the very beginning, telling the background that led to the birth of the Redmond gaming machine, including dreams, hopes, obstacles, overcoming the initial distrust of Microsoft’s top management up to world success. The documentary that will take the title of Power On: The Story of Xbox will be divided into six episodes and will be distributed starting from December 13 on various streaming platforms, currently unspecified.

In addition to this, Xbox Compatibily Lead Programmer Peggy Lo has announced the arrival of 70 more backwards compatible games from the Xbox 360 era to the already extensive library available, including FEAR, Dead or Alive Ultimate, Star Wars Jedi Knight II and many others.