the update that improves PC performance has a date

In recent weeks there has been a lot of discussion about the performance of the PC version of Resident Evil Village, whose pirated version seems to have a more stable framerate due to the absence of Denuvo. However, it seems that Capcom has found a solution and is about to publish an update on Steam soon.

On the official social channels, in fact, the Osaka company has communicated to its followers that a substantial update will be published starting next Tuesday 10 August 2021 and will have the aim of improving the performance of the game for those who own the Steam version. . In the Capcom tweet it is also possible to read some of the features of the update, which should make the game more stable thanks to a series of optimizations and increase the effectiveness of the FidelityFX Super Resolution technology, which aims to improve the definition of the image through an algorithm similar to what is seen with DLSS on PCs with an Nvidia video card.

Unfortunately, there is no additional information and we do not know the size and exact time of publication of the patch, details that could be revealed by the software house a few hours after the arrival of the update.

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