the war between Rats and Frogs rages in the new soulslike

There is a new Soulslike in the videogame panorama and it has a mouse as its protagonist: let’s discover the qualities of Tails of Iron, the latest action role-playing effort signed by Odd Bug Studio and produced by CI Games.

The hand-drawn medieval universe animated by the authors of Odd Bug is shaken by the war unleashed by the Frog clan to reclaim their dominion over the Rats. In the role of Redgi, the designated heir to the Throne of Rats, the task entrusted to users is therefore to avenge the death of their associates and throw themselves headlong into the battle against the minions following Verruca Verde, the ruthless leader of the Frogs.

In between battles, the player must organize a vast recruiting campaign by exploring the four corners of the kingdom. From a strictly playful point of view, the title draws strength from the spirit of revenge that animates Redgi to transpose everything into an action experience tinged with RPG elements and inspired by FromSoftware’s soulslike masterpieces, especially in the cadence of the encounters and in the threat represented by each enemy. .

The story that unfolds by immersing us more and more in the fantasy world created by Odd Bug Studio, in short, is far from the canons of fairy tales but takes on the contours of a violent, brutal and ruthless story, as the good Michele Verardi tells us in our review of Tails of Iron that accompanies the release on PC.