the Xbox team shows a shot of Alpha Point in Unreal Engine 5

Just a few days ago we told you about Alpha Point, a new tech demo created by The Coalition developers. The authors of Gears of War are experimenting with the Unreal Engine 5, the new promising graphics engine from Epic Games, and it is with this that it will produce its next ambitious projects for Windows 10 PC and Xbox.

Alpha Point will be shown at the Game Developers Conference, and this will be an opportunity to see an example of what can be created with the new engine developed by Epic Games. In the meantime, however, the Xbox team has decided to give us a little taste through a shot taken from the tech demo in question.

What you can admire at the beginning is a screenhot published by the developers, in which a sort of temple located inside an underground cave is represented, with columns surrounding a mystical rhomboid-shaped object. Lacking a possible narrative context, it is indeed possible to speculate on the elements shown, being the rest of a pure technical demonstration of features such as the Lumen and the Nanite of Unreal Engine 5.

According to reports by Jeff Grubb, Alpha Point would be the prototype of the new game from The Coalition, a smaller project than Gears and expected to launch in 2023. However, we have no official confirmations in this regard and it will be better to wait for any announcements from part of the Microsoft software house.