the Zelda-like adventure arrives on PC and Nintendo Switch

The developers of Rock Square Thunder announce the release date of The Lightbringer with a video that describes in detail the gaming experience to be lived by exploring the platform dimension of this adventure coming to PC and Nintendo Switch.

The Lightbringer project sees the Polish software house collaborate with the Swedish publisher Zordix to catapult fans of the genre into a dimension full of secrets to discover and places to visit.

Those who venture into this microcosm will have to complete an extremely delicate task: in the role of The Lightbringer, players will in fact be called upon to defend the ancient monoliths dispensing light from the threat of an evil entity that aims to deprive the inhabitants of this world. fantasy of the flame of knowledge.

The beating heart of the game experience packaged by Rock Square Thunder will therefore be represented by the resolution of environmental puzzles and the overcoming of obstacles scattered between the levels. During the journey it will also be possible to engage in fights with the creatures following the main evil entity, also here in scenarios full of obstacles, traps and secrets to be revealed with the help of the guiding spirit of the protagonist’s sister.

The marketing of The Lightbringer is scheduled for October 7 on PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch. At the bottom and at the top of the news you will find the gameplay video and a rich image gallery that shows some of the explorable environments of this interesting Zelda-like with a top view.