the zombie horde invades the video that opens pre-orders

With the upcoming release of World War Z Aftermath, the Saber Interactive team announces the opening of pre-orders of the definitive edition of the horror shooter devoted to cooperative multiplayer and, in doing so, packs a new gameplay video full of monsters and information on unpublished content.

The new evolution of the zombie shooter is therefore available for pre-order from today on the Microsoft Store for Xbox, Steam and Epic Games Store consoles, as well as on the PlayStation Store but starting tomorrow, August 26th. Regardless of the preferred version, all pre-order users will be able to access the game’s servers two days in advance of the release date.

Those who purchase the World War Z Aftermath Deluxe Edition will also be able to unlock two wild melee weapons, the Sledgehammer and the Dual Cleavers, as well as decorated weapon skins through the Explorer Weapon Skins Pack.

In this new version, World War Z will be powered by the most advanced edition of Saber’s proprietary graphics engine, the Swarm Engine, to make the cooperative experience to be lived in this post-apocalyptic dimension even richer and more immersive. The Aftermath version will include all the original content and completely new Story missions set in the city of Rome, including the Vatican City, and in the snow-covered Kamchatka peninsula in Russia.

A new weapon progression and customization system will also be introduced, with further improvements for close range combat and the AI ​​of undead creatures. World War Z Aftermath is scheduled to launch on September 21 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with a backward compatible version for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S boasting 60fps and 4K support. The Aftermath version will be offered to all buyers of the original World War Z edition as a free update. An update will also be launched in 2022 (also downloadable for free by those who already own the game) that will further optimize the title on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S.