there is a new type of enemy in France

Ubisoft is helping us to pass the wait in view of the landing in France of the Vikings of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla by gradually revealing the news that we can expect from the new expansion The Siege of Paris, which will be available starting from 12 August.

A few days ago, for example, we could see one of Eivor’s new abilities in action: it’s called “Plague of Rats”, it allows the Viking to summon a small army of rats to unleash against opponents. Today, however, Ubisoft showed us one of the new enemies that will roam the French countryside: we are talking about the “Frankish Knights”, the fearsome warriors on horseback who target the protagonist with their very long spears. The developers advise players to use the same type of weapons against them, but this will not be the only viable strategy to eliminate them. Watch them in action in the short clip attached at the bottom of this news, enjoy!

Meanwhile, the Feast of Sigrblot continues, which will remain active until August 19, then until after the launch of the expansion The Siege of Paris. The seasonal event brought new missions and repeatable activities to Ravensthorpe, one of which is giving away a brand new one-handed sword, which will soon be joined by four new weapons of the same archetype.