there is only one game out of 2,700 that is impossible to emulate on PC

The retrogaming scene celebrates the latest milestone reached by PCSX2 programmers: the authors of the PlayStation 2 PC emulator confirm that almost all of the approximately 2.7000 titles executed by the program are “playable”. The appeal, however, is still missing a game, but for a valid reason.

In reporting the news, the Kotaku journalists recall that the curators of PCSX2 manage a database that lists 2,689 PS2 video games: each title is marked to provide users with all the information useful for their execution and offer information on known problems between bugs. , glitches, hardware incompatibilities and errors that affect startup.

Well, at the same time as the last update of the emulator, the database also received an update: almost all the video games in the list are marked with the status of “Playable” which certifies their full compatibility with the program and, therefore, the possibility of starting them. on PC.

The latest title that continues to escape the efforts of hackers and emulator developers is 2005’s Real World Golf. The sporting experience for golf addicts was and continues to be “emulation-proof” for a very simple reason: the version. The original PS2 required the mandatory use of the Gametrak, one of the very first motion sensing peripherals to appear on the market.

The Gametrak transmitted the commands given by the user to the game using cables and sensors to determine the movement performed by holding a small golf club included in the package. The concept behind the Real World Golf controller was not so dissimilar to that of another arcade title that a few months later, in 2006, achieved much greater commercial success: we are obviously referring to Wii Golf for the Nintendo Wii.

The impossibility of recreating via software the motion sensing experience offered by the Gametrak and its peripheral in the shape of a mini-golf club, consequently, could negate the goal of universal emulation on PCSX2 of the entire game library for many years. PS2. To find out more about Sony’s second home console, here is a special on PlayStation 2 hardware secrets.

Please note – The news is reported for the record and does not in any way want to incite or encourage piracy, a practice that the editorial staff of condemns in all its forms.