‘They have already teamed up with Sony’

PlayStation Studios have expanded: Sony has bought Nixxes Software, a Dutch studio specializing in PC porting of cross-platform games. The news was given by Hermen Hulst through social networks, who enthusiastically welcomed the entry into the team of the house founded in Utrecth in 1999.

The same head of PlayStation Studios has also revealed an interesting background about the new team just purchased: in the past, in fact, Nixxes Software has already collaborated successfully with Sony, helping Guerrilla Games in the publication at the end of 2013 of Killzone: Shadow Fall, one of the launch titles for PS4 as well as among the very first flagship exclusives of the then new console. Hulst confirms that already at the time it was a pleasure to work with the team, which from now on will be at Sony’s exclusive service.

Since they specialize in PC ports, many have wondered if Nixxes Software will serve as technical support for PlayStation Studios. In this regard, Hulst specified that Nixxes will make its technical skills available to the other studios, although for the moment it is not clear whether this support will only concern the future implementation of new ports or even for the development of new projects. In any case, it remains another good shot for Sony after the recent purchase of Housemarque, the authors of Returnal.