thorny development, but there is a launch window

With Apex Legends available on a wide selection of platforms, including PC and console, community demand for the implementation of cross-progression features is growing.

The possibility of having access to one’s previous progress from any hardware supported by the well-known battle royale is consequently a front on which Respawn Entertainment has been active for some time. Implementation of the feature, however, is still a long way off, with the development team placing the debut window in a generic 2022.

There are several reasons that are delaying the conclusion of the work of the team, which has defined the realization of the cross-progression a decidedly “thorny” operation. Alongside the technical challenges associated with the merger of accounts, there are also many legal and contractual issues on the table. Complicating Respaw’s work are in particular the regulations related to in-game purchases, which vary according to the different platforms, but also, of course, to the different geographical areas of publication of the battle royale.

At the moment, however, cross-progression is not the only concern of the software house, also engaged in the realization of the Apex Legends update for next gen, which aims to bring support to a frame rate of 120 fps on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.