three new IPs within ten years, ‘always open to Nintendo’

After the return of Travis Touchdown in No More Heroes III for Nintendo Switch, the development team led by Suda51 is ready for new videogame adventures.

The ideas, moreover, do not seem to be in short supply at Grasshopper Manufacture, with the team claiming to have already started pre-production of its next project. To confirm this is Suda51 in person, who in the course of a recent interview has also confirmed that the title will stage a new IP. The game, on which he was unable to offer any details, is the first step in the new ten-year action plan conceived by Grasshopper Manufature.

Over the next ten years, has in fact told Suda51, the software house wants to give life to three new projects, all new IPs described as AA games. This ambition, however, could undergo changes along the way, should interesting opportunities emerge. Suda51, in particular, said he was “always open to collaborations with Nintendo”. The Japanese author would especially appreciate being able to reawaken some of the dormant IPs of the Kyoto giant, with the aim of “surprising the players”.

What is certain for now is that there will not be a No More Heroes IV, an eventuality already excluded recently by Suda51.