to discover the ambitious looter shooter that comes from Korea

Let’s start to discover Project Magnum, the new Korean looter shooter that promises to make the fans of the genre happy thanks to a frenetic gameplay and a triple A graphic sector.

Presented on the sidelines of the Nexon Showcase organized by the famous Asian publisher, Project Magnum is a shooter experience developed by NAT Games taking inspiration from Western looter shooters such as Destiny and Borderlands.

The title also leans on RPG elements in the progression of activities to be carried out and equipment to unlock, with an approach that is inspired by the frenzy and spectacularity of the fighting of iconic titles such as Bulletstorm. Over the course of the adventure, the NAT Games team promises to offer fans of the genre intense PvE battles within highly detailed online scenarios. It is therefore a high-budget and particularly ambitious title, as Nexon points out with its intention to bring the title to the main world markets, it is assumed on PC and subsequently on platforms such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S.

If the gameplay scenes immortalized in the video at the beginning of the article intrigued you, on the pages of you can learn more about the combat mechanics, graphics and ambitions that accompany this title by reading our special on Project Magnum signed by Giovanni Panzano.