to discover the realistic and simulative Italian racing game

Directly from Italy comes a new two-wheel racing game dedicated to lovers of simulation and realism. Here is our video review of RiMS Racing, the latest digital effort by Marco Ponte and the RaceWard Studio team.

Developed under the aegis of the transalpine publisher Nacon, the RiMS Racing project is aimed at fans of the genre and aims to shake up the panorama of engine simulations on consoles and PCs to bring a breath of freshness to the entire driving video game sector.

The formula chosen by the RaceWard authors to realize this vision goes on the triple track of customization, processing and performance. Parallel and complementary to the career challenges and the races to be played in multiplayer, there are in fact the activities related to the preparation of your own digital car, with hundreds of licensed components to be used to improve the performance of the selected bike and calibrate the driving model based on to your own needs as a centaur.

If you want to know more about this project that aims to carve out a space in the elite sector of driving experiences devoted to realism and simulation, in addition to the video that stands out at the beginning of the article, we invite you to read our review of RiMS Racing signed by Raffaello Rusconi.