Tom Clancy’s new FPS looks like COD? There may be a very specific reason

At the same time as the announcement of Tom Clancy’s new Ubisoft FPS, the first teasers also appeared on the net that showed the very strong gameplay similarities with the Call of Duty series. Well, a detail that emerged from the reveal of the new Ubisoft title could reveal the reason for these similarities.

As pointed out by the DualShockers journalists, in fact, the numerous points of contact between the playful experience of Ubisoft’s new competitive shooter and the FPS dynamics of the multiplayer sector of the last chapters of the Call of Duty saga may not be the result of a “simple” coincidence or, as often happens in this genre of triple A productions, of “cross contamination” between titles belonging to the same genre.

The next title linked to the literary universe conceived by the late Tom Clancy will see the participation of one of the personalities who have contributed most to the definition of the playful and content canons of the latest episodes of the COD series: the new Ubisoft FPS will in fact be directed by Mark Rubin , the former executive producer of Infinity Ward and responsible for the development of Call of Duty Ghosts.

This is confirmed by Rubin himself: with a message shared on the pages of his personal social profile, the former producer of Activision explains that “I am super excited to finally reveal what I am working on together with Ubisoft. This is the first great video game that I’ve been creating since leaving my Call of Duty assignments. “

To understand how far the team headed by Rubin will have pushed to evolve the Call of Duty shooter mechanics in this new professional experience with Ubisoft, we just have to wait for the official presentation of the new Tom Clancy game scheduled for hours. 20:00 Italian today, Monday 19 July.