trailer with release date for the Bloodborne-inspired soulslike

After a long period of total absence from the scene, the Thymesia development team is back in action. At Gamescom 2021 the promising soulslike was the protagonist of a new trailer that reveals the official release date.

The third-person action strongly inspired by Bloodborne and, more generally, by FromSoftware products, will arrive exclusively on PC (however, the arrival on consoles at a later time is not excluded) starting from next 7 December 2021. Taking advantage of the announcement, the developers have included in the short trailer a series of frenetic gameplay sequences that allow you to get an idea of ​​the combat system which, just like the game set in Yharnam, does not allow players to defend themselves with a shield and based entirely on a series of very fast attacks and dodges as well as on the use of weapons of all kinds. In the video we can also see some of the special abilities of the protagonist, whose appearance resembles that of a plague doctor.

While waiting to get your hands on this interesting title published by Team17, we remind you that you can find out more details about its combat mechanics and other aspects of production in our preview of Thymesia.