Travis Scott’s emote has been removed from the store, here’s why

Over the last few hours, the story relating to Travis Scott’s Out World emote has been at the center of attention of all Fortnite Chapter 2 players (and not only), which has been removed by the developers of the battle royale.

Today it was in fact expected the arrival of this animation in the objects store of the Epic Games title and, as you may have noticed by starting the game, the card linked to the objects of the day has disappeared. The development team has confirmed on the official social channels that this is in no way a bug and that this shop card will return tonight with the next daily update of the in-game shop. The reason for the removal is not a mystery: the activation of the emote allows you to listen to the portion of a song by the singer, who was involuntarily the protagonist of an unpleasant event. During his Astroworld festival, in fact, some events caused panic in the crowd and due to the general agitation eight people lost their lives and hundreds of them were injured.

In short, due to the unpleasant event it is now even more unlikely that in the future the skin of Travis Scott, to date one of the rarest of the battle royale, will be able to return for sale in the store.

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