Travis travels to Neo Brazil and its breathtaking views

No More Heroes 3 is fast approaching its debut in physical and digital stores around the world: the release of the new work of Suda51 is set for August 27, 2021, the day in which it will be available as an exclusive for Nintendo Switch. .

With only a few weeks left to market debut, every opportunity is a good one to show more glimpses of Travis Touchdown’s next adventure. The new trailer does not show combat sequences, but introduces us to some new locations that we can visit during the adventure. Part of the game will take place in Neo Brazil, a large sunny area that offers some spectacular views. Not only that: the new video also gives us a taste of the Damon Tower, a gigantic building located in the center of a desert, where an important phase of the adventure will probably take place. Developer Grasshopper Manufacture does not show in more detail what the attractions and main points of interest of these two new areas will be, thus fueling the curiosity of fans to discover what surprises and pitfalls await Travis once he arrives in these places.

We remind you that the special editions of No More Heroes 3 made by Pix’n Love have been announced, which will offer several intriguing extras for collectors. Below is also a trailer on the violent combos of No More Heroes 3.