TV series, movies and books at the heart of Bungie’s plans

Already in 2020, the Bungie team had hinted at the intention of shaping a possible future made up of Destiny-themed films and TV series: today, however, this eventuality seems to be decidedly more concrete.

To suggest this is the publication by the software house of a job advertisement dedicated to a “Senior Executive, Development (film, TV series, transmedia)”. The open position is aimed at an aspiring “guardian” of the Destiny IP, who can interface with multiple third-party partners to ensure the unity of the imaginary of the series.

With a Destiny Universe Executive Creative Director as the main contact, the new Bungie professional will have to supervise the creation of works dedicated to the brand relating to multiple media. In particular, the team mentions films, TV series, books and comics, but also generic “audio formats” in the job announcement, probably referring to audio books.

At the moment, Bungie hasn’t offered specific details on what could be Destiny’s new trans-media frontier, currently the focus of an extensive support program from the team. The last step saw the software house present the Queen of Whispers expansion for Destiny 2, with Guardians and Guardians called to continue in their mission thanks to an interesting selection of unpublished content.