two games for less than 1 euro to buy with the sales

A few days ago Sony renewed the selection of games on offer in its PlayStation Store by launching the “Planet of Discounts” promotion and a new weekly offer dedicated to Call of Duty Modern Warfare

There are hundreds and hundreds of discounted games, and as usual there is something for all tastes and budgets. Sifting through the catalog, however, we noticed a couple of interesting games that can be purchased at a bargain price, practically less than one euro! We are talking about Dead Island Retro Revenge and Thomas Was Alone.

If you are abstinent from Dead Island – the second chapter has been in development since time immemorial and has never received a release date – you could consider Dead Island Retro Revenge at 0.99 euros, a big variation on the theme that drops the fictional zombie series in a fast-paced 16-bit retro-styled run & gun experience. The protagonist, determined to save his cat, makes his way through the bloody Californian streets vanquishing undead, ex-convicts and corrupt soldiers with fearful combos, upgrades, devastating weapons and magical attacks. Dead Island Retro Revenge isn’t a masterpiece, but it can be a fun pastime.

The other game we recommend is one of the best indies ever, Thomas Was Alone, almost given away for just 0.79 euros. Mike Bithell’s debut work is not only a two-dimensional platform game of value, but also an intelligent reflection on the value of friendship, collaboration and ambitions, capable of outlining a group of rectangles of shape with extreme effectiveness. , color and, above all, different personalities. The members of the gang, artificial intelligences that have become sentient, advance through the levels by exploiting their distinctive abilities, questioning their nature while being accompanied by a narrator who does his utmost in reflections that are anything but obvious. Read our Thomas Was Alone review.