Ubisoft announces the arrival of new anti-cheat systems

During a recent AMA on Reddit, the developers of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege addressed the cheater discourse, revealing some of the measures they are taking to counter the annoying phenomenon that plagues the first-person shooter.

Many players have in fact asked the development team for explanations on the growing phenomenon of cheaters and the answer was quite comprehensive:

“Security is a big part of the fight against cheaters and we need to make sure the cheat makers don’t get any kind of clue. While we realize this is frustrating, we also know that we currently have systems in the works that we don’t have. we can speak publicly. “

From the words of the developers it seems clear that something is moving and the lack of information in this sense is due precisely to the desire to catch the unprepared sly, so that they cannot react to the arrival of new systems. However, there was no lack of details on some of Ubisoft’s next moves, which seems to want to invest a lot in the analysis of replays to identify any incorrect behavior by the players.

It cannot be ruled out that all the systems being developed by the French company may also be useful on the occasion of the launch of the new free to play shooter, XDefiant. In this regard, we remind you that on our pages you will find a preview of Tom Clancy’s XDefiant.