Ubisoft ready to support the Valve console

Among the software houses interested in Steam Deck we also find Ubisoft, which said it was interested in the possibility of bringing its titles to the small Valve console.

It was revealed by the CEO of the French company, Yves Guillemot, during a meeting with the shareholders:

“We are very happy with the arrival of Steam Deck, as its debut in the gaming industry is proof that there is a continuous flow of new hardware in the market. We will keep an eye on it and, in case it does enjoy the right popularity, we will also bring our games to her. “

Although Steam Deck is in effect a PC and consequently the Ubisoft games on the Valve client could run by installing an operating system other than SteamOS (we remind you that Rainbow Six Siege is among the unsupported games), greater attention from the developers in optimizing their products could have significant benefits. After all, Ubisoft has always been among the most active companies in supporting new hardware and for years now it has been trying to colonize any console or service that arrives on the market with its products (see Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia).

It is not excluded that among the first products arriving on Steam Deck there may be the new Tom Clancy’s XDefiant, a free to play shooter announced yesterday in live streaming.