UFO explodes in Operation Skies of Fire! Kevin the Cube returns in Season 8

The developers of Epic Games are keeping their word and, on the evening of Sunday 12 September, organized the Fortnite Operation Skies of Fire event to inaugurate Season 8 of the battle royale.

Participants in the ingame show, officially launched at 22:00 Italian, have obtained access to the giant UFO that appeared over the skies of the island of Fortnite Chapter 2. During the PvE event, fans of the free-to-play shooter of Epic were thus able to explore the corridors and the spectacular alien arcologies that bead the spaceship, witnessing the attempt of its mysterious inhabitants to regain possession of the structure.

Once past the first defenses prepared by the visitors from the stars, the players were sucked into different areas of the UFO to be able to admire the activities of the aliens among eggs, floating islands, reconnaissance vessels and unique scientific installations.

The real turning point of the show, however, coincided with the “rebirth” of Kevin the Cube, the purple structure that brought so many surprises (and as much destruction) to the first island of Fortnite Battaglia Reale. Kevin’s “reboot”, and his slow transformation into a blue cube, was followed by the destruction of the spaceship with a spectacular cinematic sequence. In the final message, Epic invites fans to wait until the late morning of Monday 13 September to re-access the game servers to discover all the news and unpublished content that will accompany the launch of Fortnite Season 8.