unveiled the first game for PS5 and PS4 of the October lineup?

Analyzing some clues scattered on the PlayStation Store, some players in particular may have already guessed which will be one of the next titles to be introduced within the Instant Game Collection of the PlayStation Plus.

As pointed out on the reddit pages, Let Hell Loose pre-orders have been opened on Xbox consoles, while on the PlayStation Store we find only a “Coming Soon” page dedicated to the product. In addition, a Closed and an Open Beta are on the way with which it will be possible to try out the war shooter, also dedicated exclusively to PS5 and PS4 users. Nothing assures us that Hell Let Loose will really appear in the October lineup, however it is at least anomalous that the title presents these differences between the versions intended for the PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Already available from the end of July on PC, Hell Let Loose is about to debut on October 5 on PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PS4 and Xbox One complete with cross-play between all the reference consoles. Interested players will be able to try the shooter first hand from 16 to 20 September thanks to the open Beta which, as mentioned, will only be held on PlayStation. While waiting to analyze the new versions of the game, we invite you to catch up on our Hell Let Loose review for PC.