upcoming controller for N64 and GameCube games?

Over the weekend, the registration of a new Nintendo controller was discovered in the archives of the American FCC (the Federal Communications Commission), apparently the Kyoto house is planning to launch a new joypad …. let’s try to clarify.

There has been talk of new Joy-Con to solve the Drift problem and this hypothesis is not entirely to be discarded even if in reality the plans could be very different. The controller in question is identified with the initials BKEHAC043, in fact a successor to the product code BKEHAC-042 associated with the Super Nintendo wireless controller for Switch.

This has led many to think of a new wireless controller for games on Nintendo Switch Online … is it time for the arrival of games for the Nintendo 64 and GameCube? Exactly as happened with the NES and SNES controllers, Nintendo could launch a new joypad to play 64 and 128 bit games as soon as these are available to subscribers to the service.

An expansion of the Nintendo Switch Online lineup has long been hypothesized with Game Boy games given for certain and those for Nintendo 64 and GameCube as very probable. If a Game Boy joypad could not be excluded, certainly the hypothesis of a controller modeled on the Nintendo 64 tricorn or perhaps on the Wavebird for GameCube appears more concrete. However, these are only hypotheses and at the moment there are no official announcements on the matter