Uspcaling with Neural AI works wonders in DF’s video

Reassembled the Xbox Series S hardware after the last teardown, the Digital Foundry team exploited the enormous potential of the latest “intelligent” upscaling technologies based on Neural AI to “remaster” a Metal Gear Solid video in 4K 2.

With the help of a program driven by Artificial Intelligence, the famous collective of videogame journalists specialized in technical analysis on the most prominent hardware and games has thus decided to resample the now historic E3 2000 trailer of MGS 2 in very high definition Sons of Liberty.

The system adopted by the editors of DF exploits the enormous computational power of the most advanced GPUs to increase the resolution and sharpness of the textures of a game or, as in this case, of the frames of a video, without producing the artifacts typical of the techniques of traditional upscaling.

In this way, the guys at Digital Foundry have demonstrated the potential of rendering in Deep Learning, even in extreme contexts such as that represented by the resampling in 4K and 60fps of the original low-resolution video of Metal Gear Solid 2. In the trailer packaged by DF you can see the benefits offered by this technology, both in the increase in resolution and in the improvement of the graphics sector.

A similar experiment was also conducted in recent months by the youtuber ElAnalistaDeBits with a video, also generated in upscaling by a Neural AI, which simulates the possible graphics of the 4K 60fps games of Nintendo Switch PRO, the noisy midgen version of the hybrid console of the Kyoto house.