Valkyrae in the storm for a line of skin care products for gamers

Streamer Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter has announced a collaboration with RFLCT to market a line of products dedicated to skin care for gamers. Apparently, these cleansers, creams and gels are supposed to protect against the blue lights produced by monitors, to which gamers are exposed for long periods.

However, the announcement generated an uproar: the streamer was attacked from all fronts, as accused of advertising a line of useless products, since several studies have shown that the impact of blue light on the skin and eyes would be insignificant. .

Dr Ludger Kolbe, Chief Scientist Photobiology at The Beiersdorf research team, carried out a study according to which “the amount of artificial blue light emitted during conventional use of electronic devices is far from causing any harmful effects to the skin. “and” compared to the Sun’s natural blue light emissions, artificial blue light is undetectable. “

Valkyrae initially claimed to have been involved in the whole process, from product conception to testing, but repeated attacks caused her to delete some tweets and disappear for a few days, in an attempt to rearrange ideas and get explanations from the manufacturer, RFLCT. It is the opinion of some that Valkyrae herself was scammed by RFLCT: she herself was incredibly confused when she noticed that on the RFLCT website there were no links to the studies that should instead prove the actual existence of damage to the eyes and skin produced. by artificial blue light.

When she spoke again yesterday, October 23, she explained that she had seen the tests with her own eyes, which would be conducted over a period of six months, and was very amazed. Valkyrae was really excited about the product launch and didn’t expect all this uproar. When they told her that the studies could not be published, she believed it: “I was confused. I found that the studies could not be published. At that time I was very naive.” RFLCT explained to her that it does not want to publish scientific material in order not to risk a theft by the competition.

The fact is, that the studies that should prove the damage produced by artificial blue light are unavailable, unlike those that instead prove its safety. Valkyrae, for her part, is having a hard time from which she would like to escape: “I have a bound contract. I believe in the product but at the same time I would like not to be part of it since the searches cannot be made public. This is the difficult part. Honestly not. I would like to continue but I don’t know if I really have a choice. “