Valve clarifies the hardware specs

During the last interview with Rock Paper Shotgun, Valve’s designers did not only discuss the hidden features of Steam Deck but shed light on the hardware specifications of the hybrid console referring, in particular, to the platform’s ability to manage 4K resolution. .

In reconnecting to the information already pitted with the Steam Deck data sheet, the designers Greg Coomer and Lawrence Yang responded to all those who look with curiosity at this portable mini-PC and have doubts about its ability to reach higher resolutions than that. indicated (albeit indirectly) as a target to play on the platform screen, i.e. 800p.

To avoid any kind of misunderstanding, Coomer goes straight to the point and explains that “sure, Steam Deck will be able to guarantee higher resolutions, on the other hand we have integrated both DisplayPort and HDMI”. Coomer’s words are echoed by the statements of his colleague Yang, who underlines how “the output at higher resolutions is not managed by the dock but by the console itself. You can connect the Deck to any HDMI to USB-C adapter and in doing so you can reach even 4K resolution “.

Those who want to use Steam Deck in desktop mode like a normal PC, therefore, will have no problem connecting the console to a monitor or a 4K TV. As for the possibility of adopting resolutions higher than 800p to play, Coomer explains that “it certainly depends on the game you decide to run. Everything is related to the graphic settings, Deck behaves like any other PC and therefore you can increase the resolution up to the desired limit, even knowing that the increase in resolution impacts performance and may not guarantee a 30fps gaming experience. “

Even Yang, in this regard, underlines that “the Deck is like any other gaming PC, you can change the settings as you like. If you want to connect the Deck to a 4K screen and take advantage of that resolution but lowering the textures and other graphic parameters to re-enter in the desired range of the framerate, it will probably do the same but it depends on the hardware requirements of the games you want to run “.