Valve will leverage the Steam Deck APU for a new standalone VR headset?

After revealing to the Steam Deck world, Valve continues to discuss possible plans that Gabe Newell’s company could put in place to continue expanding within the gaming industry.

Starting from a discussion focused on the new hybrid platform, Valve has hinted that it could be working on something new in the Virtual Reality sector as well. As stated by Greg Coomer to the editorial staff of The Verge, the company is aware of how the technological results obtained with the Steam Deck custom APU could also be useful in view of the possible creation of a new standalone VR viewer. To a specific question, here’s what Coomer had to answer:

“We are not ready to say anything about this, but it would perform well in that environment, with the right TDP (Thermal Design Power) … It is a very relevant point for us and for our future plans.” While not revealing anything concrete, these statements seem to suggest that Valve is intrigued by the idea of ​​focusing on a new viewer. Of course, however, we cannot consider it an official confirmation and it will be good to wait for any updates from Gaben and associates.

Valve recently provided new insights into Steam Deck support for Windows 11 and API for developers. The size of the console has been compared to that of the Nintendo Switch.