Valve will manually check the compatibility of all games

Waiting for the first units to finally be distributed in December, there are new interesting news regarding Steam Deck, the platform with which Valve wants to compete on the portable console market.

According to information released by Rock Paper, Valve will personally take care of carefully examining every single game that is applying to be published on its new platform. The tens of thousands of titles on Steam will be manually analyzed by Gabe Newell’s company and assigned to a specific category that will declare how well they work on Steam Deck. This review process will focus on four key attributes: supported inputs, native display resolution support (with human readable text), general hardware compatibility, and compatibility with Proton, including middleware analysis such as anti-cheats.

Depending on the results obtained, the games will be placed in four categories that will establish the level of compatibility of the software in question with Steam Deck: “Verified” will indicate total support; “Playable” will be assigned to working titles but lacking some specific features; “Not Supported” will clearly indicate incompatible titles; Finally, “Unknown” will be placed alongside games not yet verified by Valve. Browsing the Steam Deck store, the games will show a badge that will clearly mark their category of belonging.

Meanwhile, Valve has shown in advance the performances of Devil May Cry 5, Psychonauts 2, Sable and Skater XL on the Steam Deck, and has also laid bare its platform with the first teardown.