Vice City in a 4K Ray Tracing video

In spite of Rockstar’s hard punch with GTA 5 modders, amateur developers continue to churn out unofficial remasters of the most beloved chapters of the Grand Theft Auto series. GameSource youtubers show for example the exceptional work carried out by modders with the GTA Vice City 2 project.

The video packaged by the content creators harnesses the computational power of a flamboyant NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 to show on the screen the result of the work done by several independent developers engaged in the reconstruction of the unforgettable scenarios of GTA Vice City.

For the moment, all the “nostalgic” mods used to shape this 4K video in Ray Tracing have been spared from the wave of Rockstar Games bans, presumably depending on the distribution methods chosen by the respective authors (via subscription plans on Patreon).

So take a look at the video at the beginning of the article and let us know what you think of this fan made reconstruction of the free roaming experience of Grand Theft Auto Vice City. While we’re at it, we remind all Los Santos explorers that Rockstar is offering a huge free bonus to the success of Los Santos Tuners, GTA Online’s latest “Major Update” recently landed on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.