videos of the technical beta end up on the net, EA runs for cover

The technical preview of Battlefield 2042 is in progress and, as expected, several videos regarding the contents of the trial version have ended up on the net despite the recommendations of Electronic Arts not to broadcast in advance the contents of the gameplay of the new episode expected for the next 22 October 2021.

With more and more video leaks scattered around the network, EA is trying to run for cover by removing all content, but the operation could prove to be much longer and more complicated than expected considering the many players struggling with the tests. At the start of the technical tests, EA had recommended to the participants not to release any video related to the gameplay of the game, still far from its final version. A perhaps unrealistic request, that of the American giant, which thus found the Internet flooded with anticipations on the new chapter of the long-lived war series.

Despite the headaches, the tests continue and will help EA and DICE to understand how to improve their production more and more in view of the debut in October on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. Recently, insider Tom Henderson has speculated problems in the development of Battlefield 2042, pointing out the fact that so far the gameplay of the game has still been seen too little despite missing a few months to launch. In the meantime, the mini film Exodus has been released which tells the ruined world of Battlefield 2042.