waiting for Frontiers, a modder haunts the game with the face of Sean Murray

At the beginning of August, Hello Games celebrated 5 years of No Man’s Sky by unveiling in video Frontiers, the next free expansion of the sci-fi sandbox. A fan exasperated by the lack of information on the new DLC thus came up with the “brilliant idea” of protesting by inserting the face of Sean Murray into the game.

The creator of this unusual project is the modder known as Winder Sun: using the tools to integrate Murray’s face in No Man’s Sky, the Hello Games sci-fi adventure enthusiast “threatens” to overturn the graphics engine of the title to gradually add NMS dad’s smiling face into the procedural generation system of alien worlds.

The intent of the modder is in fact to urge Murray himself to share details on the new update of No Man’s Sky: after becoming aware of this bizarre initiative, the founder of Hello Games has reappeared on social networks to show himself amused by the happened, while explaining between the serious and the jokingly that “there is no need to share these videos, we will not negotiate anyway!”.

Regardless of the modder’s threat to disrupt the Hello Games free roaming galaxy, the No Man’s Sky universe will continue to evolve beyond Prisms and Frontiers to further evolve the gameplay mechanics, the graphics sector and the range of content accessible by wearing the helmet. of your favorite astronaut.