watch the video or get ready for reruns

At 00.00 last night, the first concert of Ariana Grande’s Rift Tour in Fortnite took place, which all gamers were able to attend thanks to a dedicated playlist.

If you missed the event, don’t worry! You can watch it comfortably in the video at the top of this news or, even better, get ready to witness firsthand one of the reruns that will take place in the next few hours within the game. Take out your diary and write down the times and days.

Ariana Grande Rift Tour Concerts in Fortnite

  • Show 1: Saturday 7 August at 00:00 (already done)
  • Show 2: Saturday 7th August at 8pm
  • Show 3: Sunday 8th August at 6.00am
  • Show 4: Sunday 8 August at 4pm
  • Show 5: Monday 9 August at 00:00

Epic Games advises fans to enter Fortnite 60 minutes before the show time; the Rift Tour playlist should be available 30 minutes before each performance. Prior to Ariana’s arrival, the Rift Tour will begin with Fortnite-themed experiences, where famous songs will be paired with moments based on the elements of the game.

To celebrate an event of this magnitude, Epic Games has released the Ariana Grande costume, belonging to the Icon Series, and other Rift Tour-themed items, such as the new Sparkling Skull costume and the “play” Rewards set in the store. Those who already own the Party Soldier (or purchase it on the Rift Tour weekend) will be able to unlock the unique Neon Party Soldier style.

There is also no shortage of Rift Tour assignments accessible to all players, which offer free rewards: you have until tomorrow 8 August to complete them and get the Cosmic Cuddles loading screen (Delicious Design League graphics), the Splinter spray! and the Cloudy Kitty emoticon. In addition, everyone who attends the Rift Tour will receive the cuddly Cloud Rider commemorative umbrella.