we tested the Beta on PC and Xbox Series X

After nearly six years of absence from the scene, the guys at Turtle Rock Studios are returning in style to get their money back. We tried the Back 4 Blood Beta on Xbox Series X and PC and had a blast! Here are our impressions.

Playing Back4Blood during the Open Beta of the past few weeks, we found ourselves in front of a frenetic, explosive, rich and detailed cooperative shooter. To get the better of the deadly hordes of the infected requires a conspicuous harmony among the members of the party, for this reason Back 4 Blood is at its best when players can communicate with each other. In addition to the cooperative experience, the guys at Turtle Rock Studios have also created the Swarm Mode, which in our view is another trump card, although it needs some small finishing. In this mode, two teams of four players clash, alternating as the Exterminators and the Haunted. The former must survive as long as possible, while the monstrous opponents must try to kill them as soon as possible. Also in this case, communication plays a fundamental role, therefore it is advisable to always interact with your teammates, whether they are friends or people assigned by matchmaking.

We still have a lot to say, so we invite you to view the Video Preview at the opening of the news and read the report of the Back 4 Blood test that you find among our pages.