what does Ellie’s tattoo mean?

The Last of Us Part 2 puts us in the role of a grown and more mature Ellie than the teenager known during the first chapter of the Naughty Dog series. Among the main novelties of her look, the young woman also comes with a tattoo that covers the whole of her right forearm.

What does Ellie’s tattoo mean in The Last of Us Part 2? To explain it to us is Neil Druckmann, director of the game, who in the course of an interview with the Washington Post. First of all, the tattoo, which depicts a large moth sitting on a fern, is placed over the part of the body where Ellie received the bite of an infected during the events told in The Last of Us: Left Behind, DLC from the first episode. which led to the discovery of his immunity to cordyceps infection. The design therefore covers the scar, evidence of the wound received years earlier, so as to conceal an important distinctive trait of the young woman’s identity.

The authors gave a symbolic meaning to the tattoo, with the moth representing the relationship between Ellie and Joel, her father figure. In this regard, a removed dialogue with Joel in The Last of Us Part 2 reveals a curious background on the protagonist: Ellie would have thought of tattooing a moth as a big fan of Savage Starlight, a comic series present in the first The Last of Us and where a hologram of the insect appears. Naughty Dog, however, would have discarded this hypothesis to give a deeper meaning to the choice of the girl.

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