what does the abbreviation IF mean in FUT Ultimate Team?

FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode has continued to evolve over the years, managing to thrill an ever-increasing slice of the public until it becomes today the most played and requested mode of FIFA by football fans. signed Electronic Arts.

This very special online multiplayer mode allows gamers to build the football team of their dreams by buying the cards of their favorite players and then having them take to the field in numerous competitions against other online gamers.

The entire ecosystem of the FIFA Ultimate Team mode revolves around the system of cards: game users will be able to buy them through auctions, find them in packages obtainable with in-game credits or real money, or get them as a reward for completing some challenges and goals. Also guaranteed a constant influx of new cards within FUT that allow you to vary your teams a lot during the year.

EA has studied a system that provides for assigning different types of upgrades and changes to the cards of those players who show off high quality performances during their season in real football. Here, therefore, are born, among others, the cards of the IF type, an acronym that means In Forma and identifies all the enhanced cards – typically black – of the players who are considered as the best of the last football week, grouped within the so-called Team of the Week: this type of cards usually receives an improvement in all statistics (overall included) of one or two points, cumulative for each subsequent In Form version of that same player. For this reason, Fit cards represent a major overall improvement over their corresponding base cards. As a result, they are much harder to find in packs and are sold at substantially higher prices than their base versions.

To get a better overview of what we are talking about you can take a look at the latest Team of the Week available in FIFA 21, at the end of the last day of last football season.