what games has Bluepoint Games developed?

The Sony family has expanded: PlayStation Studios has officially bought Bluepoint Games, thus adding another team to its large array of exclusive studios that will write the history of PlayStation 5 in the coming years with their works.

But what games has Bluepoint Games developed so far? The American house based in Texas in recent times has distinguished itself for creating the acclaimed remake of Demon’s Souls, released in November 2020 as the flagship title of the PS5 launch on the market. In general, Bluepoint has so far distinguished itself for the realization of several remakes, remastered and HD Collections of thickness, some even highly praised by critics and the public such as the remake of Shadow of the Colossus, the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and, a dozen d years ago, collections such as the God of War Collection and the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. Here are all the titles made by the studio:

  • Blast Factor (PS3, 2006)
  • God of War Collection (PS3 and PS Vita, 2009)
  • The ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection (PS3, 2011)
  • Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (PS3 and Xbox 360, 2011)
  • PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (PS Vita port, 2012)
  • Flower (PS4 and PS Vita port, 2013)
  • Titanfall (Xbox 360 port, 2014)
  • Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (PS4, 2015)
  • Gravity Rush Remastered (PS4, 2015)
  • Shadow of the Colossus (PS4, 2018)
  • Demon’s Souls (PS5, 2020)

As you can see, Bluepoint and Sony have had a very close relationship for years, which makes it seem even more natural for the Texan developer to join PlayStation Studios. In this regard, it seems that Bluepoint is working on the PS5 remake of a much loved game, although for now there is no confirmation in this sense.