what happened to multiplayer? Here is Naughty Dog’s answer

As promised at the presentation of the initiatives for The Last of Us Day 2021, the representatives of Naughty Dog provided an important update on the development of the TLOU 2 multiplayer experience and, more generally, on the works involving the entire intellectual property exclusively Sony.

In the open letter published by Rochelle Snyder, Naughty Dog’s Sr. Manager Communications starts with due thanks to all the users who, with their passion and constant support offered even in the most difficult stages of development, have actively contributed to the realization of the dream. fed by the team led by Neil Druckmann.

After paying tribute to fans and remembering how The Last of Us 2 is the most awarded game of all time, Snyder goes into the development of the series and specifies that “in short, we are continuing to work on it: we see the comments of the community and many of you are clamoring for updates on the multiplayer experience. For now, we just say that we love what the team is developing and want to give them all the time they need to build their ambitious project, but we will reveal more when we are ready to do it “.

The Naughty Dog executive concludes her speech by explaining how “to this end, we have been committed to growing our team since The Last of Us Part 2 was launched and we are currently following up on hiring activities for positions specifically linked to multiplayer. “.