What is the best-selling PlayStation ever?

PlayStation has been one of the most important video game synonyms in the world since the end of 1994. Sony home consoles have written important pages of history by offering fans timeless masterpieces and productions capable of revolutionizing a genre or their own series.

With the sole exception of PlayStation Vita, the only one not to go beyond 15 million, all the platforms of the Japanese giant have proved to be a great commercial success. But what is the best-selling PlayStation console ever? At the top of this ranking we find the iconic PlayStation 2, which in the course of its life cycle has reached an incredible figure of over 155 million units sold. A result so great that it is also the best-selling gaming system of all time. In second position, much further back, we find the PlayStation 4 currently stopped at 116 million, while the historic PS1 has reached 101 million. PS3 is instead the only major hardware not to have broken through the 100 million ceiling, stopping instead at 87. Finally, the PSP has reached around 80 million.

Sony’s second console was a huge success also driven by the massive support for first and third party games: do you want to know how many games have been released for PlayStation 2? As for the latest release in November 2020, PlayStation 5 is at 10 million, but still has a long way to go to record ever-increasing sales figures.