what’s new in the October 2021 update

Xbox updates. The October 2021 update for Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One brings with it a series of very interesting news for all players.

The most relevant is for Series X users, whose dashboard updates to fully support 4K. This results in cleaner icons, even easier-to-read text and a vastly improved overall visual rendering, much to the delight of those using Microsoft’s best-performing system on the best 4K TVs available on the market. Another intriguing feature, available on all platforms, is the Xbox Night Mode, which is not limited to simply being activated or deactivated at will: users can in fact adjust various settings such as the brightness of the screen or the lighting of the controller. And again, the Quick Settings also arrive in the Xbox Guide, which will allow you to adjust different settings of your console without necessarily having to exit a game or an app that has already started.

Many other features are being tested at Microsoft studios and will be introduced in the near future, but the arrival of these long-requested novelties will undoubtedly meet the favor of fans. Meanwhile, Seagate has unveiled the 512GB and 2TB expansion cards for Xbox Series X / S, available for the last months of 2021. Have you managed to get the Xbox Series X mini fridge already sold out in Italy?