when did the first Electronic Arts football game come out?

The FIFA football video game series boasts a decades-long history and a huge number of chapters published every year since the birth of the brand, which have allowed the title to become over time an increasingly important point of reference within the panorama. world videogame.

For many years, in fact, the Electronic Arts sportsman has been competing for the scepter of the best football video game of the year in a continuous fight with the other top football series on the gaming scene, namely that of Pro Evolution Soccer (now become eFootball) the latter developed and published by Konami, although based on gameplay characteristics, sports licenses and overall game modes very different from those of the Japanese company’s title.

In particular, this sort of annual challenge has lasted for twenty-seven years (this year will be the twenty-eighth), that is, starting with the first publication of what was the first chapter of a series called International Superstar Soccer – which was nothing other than the first version of Pro Evolution Soccer – which took place in 1994. In that year, Konami’s alternative to the FIFA series was born, which was then already present on the videogame market starting from the previous year: the first chapter of the FIFA series was in fact published by Electronic Arts on 15 December 1993 with the name of FIFA 94, giving way to the typical nomenclature that takes up the number of the year just following the one in which the chapter in question is published.

Starting from that day, the series has obtained an ever-growing audience response thanks to a constant renewal of the gameplay and the introduction of new highly successful modes such as FIFA Ultimate Team, a real goose that lays golden eggs for Electronic. Arts, waiting to see what news the development team will propose in the next chapter, FIFA 22.