when does the new event start and what can we expect?

The new update 17.21 of Fortnite has not only brought with it the new Plasma Cannon, but also a series of bug fixes and, above all, a new countdown visible at the Aftermath, the purple location in the center of the game map.

Epic Games is doing, as usual, the mysterious, therefore it has not revealed any official details about the event that will take place at the end of the countdown. For the moment, we only know for sure that it expires at 18:00 on Friday 6 August, but nothing prevents us from making some speculation. In the documents that emerged during the legal battle between Epic Games and Apple, for example, there is clearly reference to an upcoming concert by Ariana Grande, complete with a skin dedicated to the popular pop singer. Some famous Fortnite leakers, such as HYPEX, instead believe that some points of interest, such as Castello Corallo, Corny Complex and Pantano Palpitating, are close to being torn apart and engulfed by aliens.

What will happen on August 6th? Will there be an Ariana Grande concert or a new alien attack destined to change the face of the island? In the meantime, you can enjoy the new Plasma Cannon, a weapon found in chests with five (non-reloadable) rounds that, even if they travel slowly, are able to instantly destroy structures to reveal the location of enemies.