where does the Network Test run best?

The sessions of the Elden Ring Network Test in progress these days are allowing us to test, in addition to the gameplay, also the technical sector of the latest work by Hidetaka Miyazaki and the guys from FromSoftware.

The specialized YouTube channel ElAnalistaDeBits, after analyzing the graphics of the Elden Ring editions on the PlayStation home platforms, has well thought of putting side by side the new generation versions for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. On all three consoles the game offers two distinct graphics modes, both with unlocked framerates:

  • PlayStation 5 – Quality: 2160p at approx. 45fps | Performance: Dynamic 2160p (commonly 1620p) at approx. 60fps
  • Xbox Series X – Quality: 2160p at approx.45fps | Performance: Dynamic 2160p (commonly 1620p) at approx. 60fps
  • Xbox Series S – Quality: 1440p at approx.35fps | Performance: Dynamic 1440p (commonly 1044p) at approx.50fps

At first glance the Xbox Series X and PS5 versions may seem identical, in reality on the Sony console the framerate is more stable, although far from perfect. Quality mode improves shadows across all three consoles, as well as resolution, with the PS5 appearing to have the best long-range shadows. Sony’s next-generation console also offers the fastest loading times. The little one of the lot, Series S, presents in addition to lower resolution and framerates, also lower quality textures and shadows, and less dense vegetation.

The images are worth a thousand words, so we invite you to watch the video analysis at the opening of the news. It would be superfluous, but we would also like to specify that we are talking about a test version, so the situation can only improve from now to the release of Elden Ring set for February 25, 2022. We greet you by giving you an appointment at 20:00. today November 13 on the Everyeye Twitch channel: Fossa, Sabaku and Cydonia will play together in the Elden Ring Network Test!